Client Prevails In Medical Treatment Dispute

Charles McGee was recently successful in assisting a client in obtaining an Opinion and Award from the Industrial Commission requiring compliance with authorized medical treatment. While receiving ongoing workers’ compensation benefits, the claimant was referred to but refused a multidisciplinary functional restoration program focused on treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain. Charles presented lay and expert testimony regarding the aims of the program and the opportunities it afforded the claimant. Following a full evidentiary hearing and expert depositions, a Deputy Commissioner ruled in favor of Charles’ client. The claimant appealed, and the Full Commission affirmed the decision of the Deputy Commissioner, concluding the program constituted medical treatment reasonably required to provide relief and lessen the period of the claimant’s disability and was preferable to alternative treatment options proposed by the claimant. Accordingly, the claimant was ordered to attend and fully cooperatively participate in the authorized functional restoration program.

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